About Us

Creative Flow is South Jersey's fun, light-hearted, professional and social painting studio. The idea to bring art classes to the social scene of the Jersey Shore stems from our love for art, creativity & a great time!  We offer small, lively painting classes in which a local artist leads you through stroke by stroke instructions, as you create your very own masterpiece! Absolutely no experience is required! 

Owner Susan Daly


Susan Daly has been in the art business for over 30 years. Mostly known for her work as a Mural Artist, you can spot out her projects in most  Casinos, Restaurants, Houses of Worship, and many Private Homes.  Most notable are the HUGE Skyscapes in the Tropicana and Bally's Wild Wild West Casino.  Canvas murals in the Knife & Fork, Harry's Oyster Bar, Red Square and A Damn Good Sports Bar are a few that she has produced.

She has been working out of her home based studio for 20 years and now expanded to the new open studio /gallery concept mainly to be around people and  stimulate my creative juices.


This Studio is more than just social group painting classes.

It is a real art studio where Susan will be accepting all types of commissions and will be exploring her own artwork as well.  The walls will be forever changing.  She might be working on a mural, portrait or illustrating a book.   So stop in often and see whats new.


Interested in a commission? How does it work?

I cannot give prices over the phone. Each project is so different than the next, it is impossible to give a price without knowing what I am painting, where is it going, how do I reach it, so many factors involved.


To start:  visit www.MastersMuralStudio.com for a portfolio review

1. Call and make an appointment, and/or come in and just talk to me.

     It is free and no obligation.

2. Bring pictures of images you like and where it is going. Colors etc.

3. Know your size of the image area.

4. Have a realistic budjet in mind, and tell me.

    My design prices start at $250. 

    It is like a retainer fee and will be deducted from the final invoice 

    once artwork is completed.

    This fee includes research, design, sketches, and a solid quote.

5.  Enjoy the ride. I realize that buying artwork is a bit of a gamble.

     I  want you to be included in the process, and show update photos.

     You experience it with me, good and bad.

     I can change things, its just paint.


We are not only Creating Art... but a Memory.